Issue Resolution Expert Group (IREG) Update February 2016

IREG met on 10th February 2016 and discussed the following:

Development of MAP13 – Assignment of Debt in Relation to Prepayment Meters

IREG reviewed redlined drafting of MAP13, which incorporated amendments to the Debt Assignment Protocol (DAP) and introduced the Point of Acquisition (PoA) model, as agreed by IREG at its dedicated meeting on 14th December 2015. IREG also reviewed responses to the Request for Information (RFI) which was issued to obtain Supplier feedback on aspects of the DAP.

IREG noted a recommendation made by the MRA Security Committee (MSC), which identified that data not transmitted via the Data Transfer Network (DTN) must be securely transferred. The MSC had discussed that this could be achieved by an addition to Annex A of the Data Transfer Catalogue (DTC) to set out minimum security standards for those Data Flows not currently sent via the DTN. Gemserv noted MSC would further consider the proposal at their March meeting.

IREG agreed redlined drafting for MAP13, to be raised as a Change Proposal (CP). The redlined drafting will not include any security related wording at this stage pending further work of MSC on this subject.

Review of Impact Assessment Comments to WPPS CP 124 – Introducing a process to resolve crossed meters into Working Practice 145

IREG reviewed Impact Assessment (IA) comments received for Working Practice Product Set (WPPS) CP 124 and agreed to make changes to the proposed new drafting of the Working Practice (WP).

IREG noted there could be instances where a Supplier requests an address change from the Metering Point Administration Service (MPAS) Provider, but the MPAS Provider is unable to update the address due to conflicts with existing MPAS data. IREG agreed that MPAS Providers could reject the request, providing as much information as possible to Suppliers to enable them to resolve the conflicts and allow MPAS to be updated.

Having discussed the redlined drafting, IREG agreed to resubmit the CP for IA at MDB.

MAP Review Schedule

IREG discussed the MAP Review project, noting that project should be reviewed by MEC as changes previously presented to MDB and IREG had exceeded the scope of the project.

RFI Responses to RFI_16_0113_04 – Process of notifying GSP Group on New Connections

IREG considered the responses to the RFI, which had been issued to identify any process improvements which would enable IDNOs to select the correct Grid Supply Point (GSP) Group on a New Connection. An MRA Issue Form had been raised for consideration on 13th January 2016, advising that a New Connections are occasionally set up in the wrong Grid Supply Point (GSP) Group.

Parties discussed the feasibility of implementing preventative measures to ensure that the GSP Group is not allocated incorrectly on a New Connection and Distribution Businesses advised that the Distribution Connections Use of Systems Agreement (DCUSA) would be the appropriate code to implement the governance for these measures.

Supplier parties noted that an MRA change may be raised to introduce some measures enabling parties to rectify the existing GSP Group issues.

IREG will next meet on 9th March 2016.