Issue Resolution Expert Group (IREG) Update February 2017

IREG met on 8th February 2017 and discussed the following:

MIF 197 – Mandating the secure sending of data via the DTC

Change Proposals have been submitted to MRA Development Board (MDB) for data security changes to MAP09, MAP12 and a new flow for address updates via the DTC. MDB approved these for impact assessment. MAP14 changes will continue to be monitored

A new MIF has been raised to enable IREG to review the Working Practice Product set. IREG  recommended that the MRA Security Committee (MSC) agree that MIF197 should be closed.


MIF 198 – Procedure for the Assignment of Debt in Relation to Prepayment Metering

IREG reviewed the latest drafting of MAP13[1] and noted that the documents have been issued for consideration of the equivalent gas change by the Supply Point Administration Agreement (SPAA). Following feedback from SPAA it is expected that the CPs will be submitted to MDB in February. IREG were unanimous in support of the MAP changes; however, were not in regard to the introduction of the new Data Flow. To better inform its decision making, some members recommended that a CP should be raised at the next MDB so that the proposer could gauge views via an Impact Assessment. IREG agreed that a MRASCo representative could attend the SPAA Expert Group (SEG) to support discussions and developments for the gas process.


MIF 215 – Metering Commission Flow

Elexon invited IREG members to attend a joint workgroup on 6th March 2017. The purpose of the workgroup will be to discuss the current draft of a flow in development under BSC Modification P283[2]. IREG members were requested to provide any initial feedback to Elexon by no later than 24th February 2017. An update will be provided at the March IREG meeting


MIF 216 – Meter Inspections

IREG considered the issue and recommended that the two draft CPs be taken forward to MDB. The first of which is to address the specific concerns around safety, where by the Supplier will be able to record in a new field in the D0311[3] when the meter was last inspected. IREG agreed that this shouldn’t be mandatory a mandatory field. The second CP will propose that the Meter Type is made mandatory n the D0311. IREG agreed that these two CPs should be progressed as a batch. IREG recommended that MIF216 be closed and that two CPs be taken forward to MDB.


MIF 217 – BAPs

The Proposer presented IREG with the background and draft solution for resolving an issue identified by Citizen’s Advice around smart prepay switches. IREG raised a number of questions in regard to the solutions, which the Proposer agreed to take away and consider and bring the updated drafting back to the next meeting in March.


MIF218 – Accuracy of Industry Contacts database

IREG agreed that Contract Managers are responsible for updating contact. However, the group agreed that there are issues with the database that mean that it is difficult to update contacts. IREG agreed to:

  • review the MAPs to identify the contacts required and map these to the database;
  • carry out a process review and update this where it is not working; and
  • that MRASCo should remind Contract Managers monthly to maintain the contacts in the database.


MIF219 – Working Practice Product Set Review

IREG noted that MDB had approved the review of the Working Practice Product Set (WPPS). It agreed to consider the inclusion of some Working Practices in the Data Transfer Catalogue (DTC) Annex C; and for Special IREG meetings by relevant expertise to consider by subject matter the remainder.


Next IREG will next meet on 8th March 2017.

[1] MAP13 ‘Procedure for the Assignment of Debt in Relation to Prepayment Meters’

[2] P283 ‘Reinforcing the Commissioning of Metering Equipment Processes’

[3] D0311 ‘Notification of Old Supplier Information’