Issue Resolution Expert Group (IREG) Update July 2017

IREG met on 12th July 2017 and discussed the following:

MIF215 – Metering Commission Flow

ELEXON provided an update on the development of the metering commissioning Data Flows. This included a briefing on the discussions from the last workshop.

These discussions focused on the responsibilities between Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and independent connection providers (ICPs). ELEXON will consider the current requirements under the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) and relevant BSC Procedures (BSCPs) and whether changes are required to these. Prior to further discussions with the commission flows workgroup, ELEXON will discuss with the BSC Performance Assurance Board (PAB).

ELEXON advised that it is looking to raise a new MRA Issue (MIF) to explore a new Data Flow where by the DNO can notify the Meter Operator that it is not the metering equipment owner.

ELEXON will update IREG at the next meeting, on progress.

MIF218 – Accuracy of Industry Contacts database

Gemserv updated IREG with the progress of the associated actions for MIF218. It advised that:

  • It had received 37 responses to the request for industry contact data, which has now uploaded;
  • The functionality has been restored to the Industry Contacts database to allow Contract Managers to update their organisations contacts; and
  • The user guide has been distributed to Contract Managers.

Follow on actions are being undertaken by Gemserv, these being:

  • Contacting MRA Parties that are not in the database, which is taking time due to the volume of these and incorrect or missing contact details; and
  • Updating the IREG and MDB workspace members to align to the updated contacts.

IREG noted the update and requested that the user guide be published on Huddle® and that those parties that are outstanding are prioritised by largest market share. It also noted that the Erroneous Transfer Working Group (ETWG) is developing a Contract Manager guidance, which is expected to come to IREG for review.

IREG agreed to close the MIF.


MIF219 – Accuracy of Working Practice Product Set (WPPS)

Gemserv presented the request for information (RFI) responses to the approach and draft changes to three Working Practices (WPs): WP 16[1], WP 28[2] and WP 36[3]. IREG agreed that these could progress to Change Proposal (CP), with Proposers identified for each.

Gemserv also presented four additional WPs for the next reviews, which were agreed by IREG. These being:

  • WP45 – NHH Metering of when D0052 may be sent;
  • WP61 – Content of D0148 between a Supplier and its Agents;
  • WP74 – Use of D0010 and J0171 on a Change to Metering System Configuration; and
  • WP75 – Use of ‘Date and Time’ in D0010 for HH market.

MIF226 MAP21[4] Post Implementation review

IREG considered the RFI responses, noting that most respondents believed that the Master Registration Agreement (MRA) Agreed Procedure (MAP) 21 on Disconnections was working well.

One Party noted that bulk requests cause issues and that there can be unrealistic expectations associated with these. A member agreed to raise a CP to introduce a clause where the sender must provide reasonable notice. Some other issues noted were following the relevant BSCPs also and that send the D0125 is now optional process.

IREG agreed to close the MIF.

MIF227­ – Referral from MAP10[5] to MAP12[6]

Version 2.0 of MIF227 was presented. The MIF was updated following comments raised during the June 2017 IREG. It was agreed that further investigation is required in to the licence requirements and how Supplier members’ organisations currently address various scenarios.

MIF230 – Requests for supplementary information to the MAP14[7] transaction routing

IREG noted that MIF230 was raised to discuss an issue identified at the Pre-Payment Metering Forum (PPMF). The issue is associated with Prepayment Meter Infrastructure Providers (PPMIPs) that are contracted by a Supplier to pass on the prepayment monies vended and owed to another Supplier in accordance with MAP14. It was noted that Suppliers are refusing to receive the money without having the PPMIP entered into their accounting systems, which can require the PPMIP to complete terms normally associated with contracts for the provisions of goods and services. This can be onerous on the PPMIPs. The MIF seeks to assess whether MAP14 is sufficient to mitigate the need for these additional conditions.

IREG noted that similar processes exist under the Green Deal Agreement, and recommended introducing similar clauses to MAP14. The Proposer agreed that they would discuss this approach with PPMF to seek a Sponsor from the Supplier membership to raise a MAP CP. MIF230 was therefore closed.

Next meeting

IREG will next meet on 9th August 2017.

[1] WP 16 ‘MPAS – Differentiation between Supplier Full or Partial Refresh (D0204)’

[2] WP 28 ‘Usage of Service Reference and Service Level Reference’

[3] WP 36 ‘NHH DA requirement and MPAS usage of file and instruction number’

[4] MAP 21 ‘Disconnections’

[5] MAP 10 ‘Resolution of Erroneous Transfers’

[6] MAP 12 ‘Customer Requested and Co-operative Objections’

[7] MAP14 ‘Allocation of PPM Payments Transacted Against an Incorrect Device’