Issue Resolution Expert Group (IREG) Update June 2016

IREG met on 8th June 2016 and discussed the following:

MIF204 – Extending permission to use confidential information pursuant to the terms of the DTSA

IREG discussed MIF204, which proposes to introduce additional wording into Clause 38.2.1 of the MRA to allow parties to Disclose and use Confidential Information pursuant to the terms of the Data Transfer Service User Agreement (DTSA), thereby ensuring parties are not in breach of the MRA when obtaining and using a report containing Confidential Information. IREG agreed the proposed wording should be introduced through the change process.

Summary of feedback received for RFI_16_0413_06

Request for Information (RFI)_16_0413_06 sought feedback regarding a number of proposed options for the implementation of recommendations by the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) Settlement Reform Advisory Group (SRAG) regarding the communication of required read schedules and smart meter consumption data from Suppliers to Half-Hourly Data Collectors (HHDCs) for the purpose of elective Half-Hourly (HH) Settlement.

IREG discussed responses to the RFI, noting respondents had not indicated clear preferences for either of the presented options. IREG advised Elexon that the proposals should be progressed through the change process as two alternative solutions to allow full impact assessment of both options by the MRA Development Board (MDB):

  1. Communication of required read schedules via the D0155 (Notification of Meter Operator or Data Collector Appointment and Terms) Data Flow, and communication of smart meter consumption data using the D0275 (Validated Half Hourly Advances) Data Flow.
  2. Communication of required read schedules via the D0155 Data Flow, and communication of smart meter consumption data using a new Data Flow.

MIF200 update – ECOES user message

IREG agreed that the current user message displayed when accessing the Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service (ECOES) should be amended to include reference to the ECOES Terms of Use, and agreed the relevant wording changes for implementation.

MIF201 – Retention of IP addresses for ECOES

IREG discussed MIF201, which proposes that the ECOES Technical Service Provider (TSP) records Internet Protocol (IP) addresses associated with user accounts accessing ECOES. The proposal had been recommended by the MRASCo Security Committee (MSC) to enable investigations into potential misuse of ECOES, when necessary.

IREG noted that the retention of IP addresses should be progressed in principle, but highlighted the need for a relevant policy covering storage and use of the collected data, as well as the need to investigate any potential privacy and data protection impacts. The Group asked that the MSC draft the relevant policy documentation, to be reviewed by IREG at a future meeting alongside the detailed technical solution.

MIF202 – Applying MSN standardisation algorithms to search functions and reports

Gemserv noted there are currently inconsistencies throughout ECOES in how Meter Serial Numbers (MSNs) are displayed in the browser view and how they are used in search criteria or as input parameters where existing functionality relies on the raw format of the MSN instead of cleansed format MSNs. This could lead to some search results not displaying the expected results. Gemserv proposed a cleansing algorithm is applied to ECOES search functions and screens to resolve this issue.

IREG noted the issue and stated that a cleansing algorithm applied to the search function would be useful to ensure all required search results are displayed, however, IREG highlighted MSNs should be displayed in their raw format on screen to avoid masking genuine data quality issues.

Gemserv agreed to obtain TSP confirmation on a technical solution and cost for a cleansing algorithm on the search function, and noted an overview of the current data quality issues surrounding MSNs would be provided on a Supplier by Supplier basis.

MIF203 – Additional values required in the J0024 – Site Visit Check Code Data Item

IREG discussed MIF203, which proposes to add a number of additional Valid Set Values to the J0024 (Site Visit Check Code) Data Item in order to correctly report on reasons for aborted smart meter installations during the smart meter roll-out. The raiser asked whether an RFI could be circulated to obtain parties’ feedback on the proposed codes, prior to progressing the relevant change.

IREG noted that the proposals seemed sensible, however, stated most Suppliers had by now built their systems for the smart meter roll-out and the change would have been more appropriate a number of years ago. IREG nevertheless agreed that an RFI should be issued, with responses to be reviewed at the August IREG meeting.

Housekeeping changes to DTC and Working Practice Product Set

Gemserv noted that a number of necessary housekeeping changes to the DTC and the Working Practice Product Set (WPPS) had been identified to remove outdated references, and to re-introduce Working Practice 125 (MTC for No Meter Present), which had been erroneously omitted from the WPPS from version 5.14 onwards.

IREG agreed that the WPPS changes should be progressed, and noted the proposed DTC change should be put on hold whilst the contents of the Data Interfaces document, reference to which the CP proposes to be removed, were further investigated.

ECOES URS changes

IREG agreed the proposed changes to ECOES User Requirements Specification (URS) 6.0, to be implemented on 30th June 2016, and ECOES URS 7.0, to be implemented on 3rd November 2016.

MIF205 – Amendments to MAP10 – Dual Initiation of ETs

MRA Agreed Procedure (MAP) CP 0277 (Amendments to MAP10: Dual Initiation of ETs) had been raised at the MDB meeting on 26th May 2016, however, MDB had asked for the proposed redlined wording to be reviewed by IREG before the CP is sent for Impact Assessment.

IREG agreed a minor amendment to the wording proposed in the CP, and the raiser noted that version 2.0 of the CP would be raised at MDB on 30th June 2016.