Issue Resolution Expert Group (IREG) Update March 2017

IREG met on 8th March 2017 and discussed the following:

MIF 198 Procedure for the Assignment of Debt in Relation to Prepayment Metering

IREG noted the responses to Ofgem’s request for information (RFI) on Pre-Payment Metering Debt Assignment Protocol (DAP). IREG noted several key observations, such as mismatching names have been addressed within the DAP change proposals out for impact assessment.


MIF215 – Metering Commission Flow

Elexon provided an update on a joint workgroup held on 6th March 2017. The purpose of the workgroup was to discuss the current draft of Data Flows in development to support the BSC (as amended by Modification P283[1]). The conclusions of the meeting were that:

  • BSC metering code of practice (CoP) 4[2] should be reviewed before MIF215 (to progress the two flows) is progressed further. This will require a party to raise a BSC Issue to first explore any potential changes to the BSC and CoP4.
  • A third Data Flow should be developed, which would be sent from MOp to Supplier. This Data Flow would not necessarily need information from the Distributor for the MOp to complete to confirm if the metering system had been commissioned.

Elexon are continuing to work on the proposals with the workgroup and will continue to update IREG with progress made.


MIF217 – Balance Assignment Protocol

The Proposer presented IREG with an update on the discussions at the SPAA Expert Group (SEG). IREG agreed to the request for a joint workgroup of IREG and SEG, to be held from 1pm on 12th April 2017, following the next IREG meeting.


MIF218 – Accuracy of Industry Contacts database

IREG welcomed the initial analysis undertaken to address issues identified at the previous meeting.

The group recognised that the mapping of the MRA Agreed Procedures (MAP) contacts list provides for a useful reference for Contract Managers, especially for new entrants. It suggested that a new MAP could be formed that incorporated this detail and the related obligations on Contract Managers.

The group noted that the issues with ensuring contacts are maintained is a common one across the industry and beyond. To add a control, IREG agreed that MRASCo should remind Contract Managers on a quarterly basis.

Before this is carried out, MRASCo in collaboration with the Contract Managers will complete a mapping and data cleanse exercise to align individual company contacts in the database with those that are required in the MAP.

MIF219 – Working Practice Product Set (WPPS) Review

IREG noted the assessment of the WPPS with the suggested actions carried out by two members. IREG asked MRASCo to categorise these by subject area (WP type), role (Supplier, Distributor or both) and by sub-categories (Pre-Payment, Smart etc) to enable development of relevant solutions with experts appropriate for the content. The Pre-Payment Metering Forum will be asked to review and provide feedback on PPM relevant working practices.

Next Meeting

IREG will next meet on 12th April 2017.

[1] P283 ‘Reinforcing the Commissioning of Metering Equipment Processes’

[2] CoP4 ‘The Calibration, Testing and Commissioning Requirements of Metering Equipment for Settlement Purposes’