Issue Resolution Expert Group (IREG) Update May 2016

IREG met on 11th May 2016 and discussed the following:

Proposed changes to the D0215 Data Flow following SPF 0096

IREG considered the proposed changes to the D0215 (Provision of Site Technical Details) Data Flow raised under Solution Pre-Assessment Form (SPF) 0096, and Impact Assessment responses received regarding the SPF.

IREG agreed the following amendments to the original proposal:

  • An indicator should be added to the D0215 Data Flow to identify whether measurement transformers are present on site, whether they are DNO owned and whether they have been installed before or after implementation of Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) Modification P283 (Reinforcing the Commissioning of Metering Equipment Processes).
  • A new Group should be added to the Data Flow, containing measurement transformer and commissioning record information. This Group and Data Items contained therein should be mandatory where measurement transformers are present, are owned by the DNO, and were they were installed post P283 implementation. Where measurement transformers are present and DNO owned, but were installed prior to P283 implementation, provision of commissioning record and measurement transformer ratio Data Items should be optional to allow for cases where the DNO does not hold the relevant information. Where no measurement transformers are present on site or where they are not owned by the DNO, the Group should not be sent.
  • The complex termination indicator proposed in SPF0096 should be removed. Instead, complex terminations could be indicated by repeating the new proposed Group containing measurement transformer information for each feeder where multiple feeders are present.
  • Changes to the D0268 (Half Hourly Meter Technical Details) Data Flow should be introduced to mirror those proposed to the D0215 Data Flow to ensure that measurement transformer and commissioning information can be passed between parties in the relevant industry processes following initial provision of the data by the Distribution Business.

IREG further noted that some of the proposed changes could duplicate requirements currently under consideration in BSC CP 1458 (Introduction of timescales for the P283 Commissioning process for SVA CT operated Metering Systems) and highlighted that BSC and MRA processes should be aligned.

IREG agreed that relevant changes to the D0215 and D0268 Data Flows should be drafted and re-considered at the meeting on 13th July 2016, when further detail about the BSC changes would also be known and could be considered.

Update on the inclusion of CT and VT ratios in MDD

IREG considered whether Current Transformer (CT) and Voltage Transformer (VT) rations should be included in the Market Domain Data (MDD) to be used as a valid set in relevant Data Flows in order to address current data quality issues. Parties noted that inclusion of CT and VT ratios in the MDD could result in a number of issues, with new ratios needing to be approved through the MDD change process before they could be used, which would delay new connections.

IREG considered alternative suggestions to improve data quality of CT and VT ratios, with the majority of parties supporting an addition to Annex C of the DTC to mandate the format of ratios to avoid invalid ratio entries.

IREG agreed that the relevant change should be progressed as a separate CP, with the implementation date tied to that of the proposed changes to the D0215 and D268 Data Flows.


The next IREG meeting will be held on 8th June 2016.