Issue Resolution Expert Group (IREG) update November 2016

IREG last met on 9th November 2016 and discussed the following:


MIF197 – Security requirements for Data Flows not sent over DTN

IREG reviewed a draft of the required MAP09 and consequential DTC changes. A final version of the CP will be presented at the December IREG meeting, alongside a draft CP for the required MAP12 changes. IREG also noted that the changes to MAP14 would be presented to the group in February 2017 following MEC approval of the use of secure websites for distribution of information.

IREG had also requested that Gemserv review the Working Practice Product Set for any other instances of information sent outside of the DTN. Rather than discuss the findings at the November meeting IREG decided to revisit this area at the meeting in December when the Group had sufficient time to fully review the highlighted areas.


MIF208 – Potential impact of high volume smart meter firmware updates on industry parties’ systems

IREG noted that Gemserv had raised at MDB the need for participants to inform any impacted parties when they intend to complete bulk updates or any abnormal activity. They also noted a similar message had been issued to contract managers. IREG now consider this MIF closed


MIF215 – P283 Metering Commissioning Flow

ELEXON are undertaking work on a commissioning flow relating to BSC Modification P283. This work will result in impacts on the DTC.

The potential structure of a draft flow was presented to IREG. They believed that with some changes to the design of the flow it might be possible to remove paperwork from the commissioning process entirely. ELEXON noted that a draft of the flow was currently under review with a BSC workgroup, but would issue the draft to IREG so that they may comment and help shape the solution. Gemserv are also going to discuss a potential joint IREG/BSC meeting to help finalise the flow in the most efficient manner before a DTC CP is raised.


MIF216 – Meter Inspection Information

In April 2016 Ofgem amended the Supply Licence to obligate Suppliers to inspect customer meters at least every two years. MIF216 seeks to help introduce a risk based approach to meter inspections by making it clear when the meter was last inspected. The suggested solution is to include the date the meter was last inspected as part of the Meter Technical Details issued on a Change of Supply.

IREG supported the issue and noted that using the gas NOSI flow and the D0311 might provide a suitable solution. The proposer agreed to refine their solution and present an updated MIF at the December IREG.