Issue Resolution Expert Group (IREG) update October 2016

IREG last met on 12th October and discussed the following:

MIF197 – Security requirements for Data Flows not sent over DTN

At the meeting on 12th October, IREG agreed to move the D0305 Data Flow to the DTN. IREG noted that although the flow was a low volume flow there was no justification to not send it via the DTN. A draft CP will be reviewed by IREG in December.

Further to Data Flows not sent over the DTN, IREG also noted that the exchange of confidential Customer data outside the DTC is mandated in MAP09 – Standard Address Format and Guidance Notes for Address Maintenance  and in MAP14 – Procedure for the Allocation of PPM Payments Transacted Against an Incorrect Device. IREG have agreed to raise two CPs to address the issue. The CP addresses the reference in MAP09 will require DTC changes as a new Data Flow will need to be created. Draft CPs will be reviewed by IREG in November and subsequently raised at MDB in December.

IREG have also requested that Gemserv review the Working Practice Product Set (WPPS) for any instances of customer information issued outside of the DTN and to discuss the findings at a future meeting.


MIF198 – Debt Assignment Protocol Review

A special IREG to discuss DAP was held on Monday 24th October. The Group walked through an updated DAP process and a series of amended Data Flows. The intent is to raise at least two CPs at the November MDB.


MIF208 – Firmware updates on ECOES

MIF 208 was raised at IREG on 10th August 2016 to highlight the impact of expected large scale volumes of smart meter firmware updates on varying industry parties, their agents and systems. Specific concerns were raised in respect of the Metering Point Administration Services (MPAS) and the Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service (ECOES) resulting from the expected high volumes of updates via the D0150, D0205 and D0312 Data Flows following a firmware update.

IREG agreed to issue an RFI to obtain volume indications for the planned firmware upgrades from Suppliers as well as indications of system capabilities from MPAS Providers to enable IREG to determine a suitable procedure for dealing with the expected volume of updates. Equally, IREG requested a new MAP be drafted to facilitate the governance of large scale smart meter firmware updates.

At the meeting on October 12th, IREG noted that the responses to the RFI indicated that volumes should not cause an issue as long as Parties communicated with each other to ensure all impacted Parties were aware of any abnormal volumes of Data Flows. IREG request that MDB reiterate the message that Parties should inform any impacted Parties of their intentions to complete bulk updates or any abnormal activity. Equally, IREG stressed the message that when dealing with this issue it was important to make sure systems could cope through development and investment, rather than limit the amount of data that Parties can send.