Issue Resolution Expert Group (IREG) update September 2016

IREG last met on 14th September and discussed the following:

P283 Commissioning flow

The Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) representative informed IREG on work they were undertaking to develop a series of amendments to Data Flows used in the commissioning process following the implementation of BSC Modification P283 in 2014. IREG were supportive of the work completed so far and requested to be kept up to date with developments. The BSC representative agreed to present an update at the November IREG meeting with a view of presenting the draft Data Flow changes at the January meeting. IREG were in support of any subsequent changes being included in the product release scheduled for November 2017.

MIF189 – Amendments to D0215/D0268 Data Flows

IREG considered changes to the D0215 and D0268 Data Flows which had been developed during the IREG meeting on 11th May 2016 following Impact Assessment of Solution Pre-Assessment Form (SPF) 0096.The Group noted that the suggested changes no longer included amendments to the D0268 and that the commissioning related elements had been stripped out of the D0215 proposed changes. The suggested changes to the D0215 flow now focussed on mandating that Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) populate a figure for Current Transformer (CT) ratios where they are known. Where the value is unknown, MIF189 seeks to distinguish between sites where it is known that a CT is present but the value is unknown and sites where it is unknown if CTs are present.

The Group noted that currently, DNOs would populate a value for all CTs if they know it. If they do not know the ratio or if a CT is present at a site, the only way to confirm is to carry out a site visit, and since the Meter Operator (MOP) is most likely to carry out a site visit rather than the DNO, the suggested changes provided little benefit above the current arrangements. It was also noted that the work being undertaken on the commissioning flow by ELEXON would resolve a number of problems and would be a better place to seek to resolve this issue.