Issue Resolution Expert Group (IREG) June 2015 Update

IREG met on 10th June 2015 and discussed the following:


MPRS Validation for P300

Ahead of the implementation of P300, Metering Point Registration System (MPRS) validation rules required industry discussion. Initial proposals by St Clements sought to introduce validation to reject any information sent to MPRS prior to 6pm on Thursday, 5th
November 2015 (go-live of P300), however, concerns were raised as it was understood that parties should be able to send the new Measurement Classes at any time on Thursday, 5th November. As a result, IREG recommended that MPRS validation should be set to only reject the two new Measurement Classes being received prior to 6pm on Wednesday, 4th November 2015. Gemserv have since liaised with St Clements to provide IREG views.


Review of MAP08 following P302 (RFI Responses)

Following the April IREG meeting, a Request For Information (RFI) was circulated to understand industry issues experienced with MAP08[1]. Parties provided a number of areas that should be     reviewed which were discussed at the May IREG meeting, where an approach was agreed for Gemserv to bring red lined drafting back to IREG for review. A number of issues were noted to require further information from industry participants and IREG agreed to circulate a further RFI.


Impacts to MAP08 following the progression of P302 were also    discussed and Elexon agreed to provide Gemserv with scenarios where P302 changes would affect MAP08. Responses to the RFI will be discussed at the July IREG meeting, together with the red lined drafting of MAP08.


MIF174 – Instructing NHH agents to use smart CoS process

MIF174 outlined three solutions for instructing Non Half Hourly (NHH) agents to use the new smart Change of Supply (CoS) process. One of the solutions sought to add a Data Item to the D0155 Data Flow and IREG agreed that the solution should be progressed into the MRA change process. For Suppliers who do not wish to use the new Data Item and would rather use bi-lateral agreements with agents, the Data Item was agreed to be added as an optional group to the D0155 Data Flow to reduce the impact on parties’ systems.
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