MDB 25th June 2015 Change Proposals

This month’s MDB on 25th June 2015 will look at the following
Change Proposals:

  • MAP CP 0232 – Amending MAP14 to distribute unallocated
    Key transactions
  • MAP CP 0227 – Amending MAP14 to resolve issues resulting
    from disconnected MPANs
  • MAP CP 0233 – Amending MAP15 to enhance the TRF functionality
  • MAP CP 0235 – Amend MAP13 to specify invoicing frequency
  • MAP CP 0238 – Erroneous Transfers Escalations
  • MAP CP 0244 – Amendment to MAP18 to accommodate a
    change to the processing timescale for Green Deal Charge
    Period updates
  • DTC CP 3463 – Amendment to D0148 and D0303 to ensure
    SMSO is aware of removal of asset
  • DTC CP 3466 – Catering for negative market share in the CFD
    Supplier Invoice Backing Data Flow D0362
  • DTC CP 3468 – Mandating the Measurement Class Details
    Group in the D0289 flow

Recently agreed Change Proposals can be viewed on the Change Register, found on the MRASCo website.
If you need help with finding anything please contact the MRA
Change Admin team at