MDB Update: April 2019

MDB was held on 25th April 2019. The table below shows the Change Proposals, voting outcomes and implementation dates.

CP ReferenceImplementation DateOutcome
WPPS CP 0179 – Remove WP77 from WPPS7th November 2019Accept Modified
DTC CP 3564 – Include Additional D0170 Data Flow Notes in Annex C7th November 2019Accepted
DTC CP 3547 – New rules in Annex C to incorporate rules previously in WP34n/aDeferred for IA
WPPS CP 0152 – Remove WP34 from WPPSn/aDeferred for IA
WPPS CP 0180 – Remove WP102 from WPPS7th November 2019Accepted
MRA CP 0260 - Amendments to the MRA to reflect the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union without a dealTBCAccept Modified

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