MDB Update: June 2018

MDB was held on 28th June 2018. The table below shows the Change Proposals, voting outcomes and implementation dates.

Summary Implementation DateOutcome
MAP CP 0298 – Request for Additional Import/Export MPANs using ECOES2 28th February 2019Accept Modified
DTC CP 3540 – Amendment to the D0168 Data Flow 28th February 2019Accept Modified
DTC CP 3539 – Amendment to D0169 Flow 27th June 2019Accept Modified
MAP CP 0297 – Introduction of procedure for raising Export MPANs 28th February 2019Accept Modified
WPPS CP 0148 – Remove WP146 from WPPS 28th February 2019Accept Modified
DTC CP 3541 – New and amended Data Transfer Catalogue® Data Flows required to facilitate the solutions to BSC Modification Proposals P344 and P354 n/aDeferred
DTC CP 3529 – Provision of last Meter Inspection Date n/aDeferred
DTC CP 3542 – Move Demand Control Event rules from flow notes to Annex C n/aDeferred
DTC CP 3543 – Placing GUID in NHH MTD n/aRejected