MDB Update: September 2018

MDB was held on 27th September 2018. The table below shows the Change Proposals, voting outcomes and implementation dates.

SummaryImplementation DateOutcome
DTC CP 3544 - Amendment to Register Mapping Rules for DCC-enrolled Smart Meters27/06/2019Deferred
MAP CP 0302 - ET Smart Metering28/02/2019Deferred
MAP CP 0303 – ET Escalation Telephone01/11/2018Accepted
MAP CP 0304 – ET Re-registration within 21 days01/11/2018Accept Modified
MAP CP 0299 - Change to include D0171 and D0131 in process28/02/2019Accept Modified
MAP CP 0300 - Population of Plot Addresses28/02/2019Accepted
WPPS CP 0149 - Delete WP21 from WPPS28/02/2019Deferred
DTC CP 3548 - Incorrect references in Group conditions of D038301/11/2018Accept Modified
MAP CP 0305 - Update to the Debt Assignment Protocol27/06/2019Deferred
DTC CP 3549 - Housekeeping change to amend descriptions in the J0483 Data Item01/11/2018Accepted