MEC Update: April 2018

The last MEC meeting was held on 24th April 2018, please find a summary of the updates from the meeting below:

  • MEC received an update from the Ofgem Innovation Link. MEC agreed to recommend
    implementation of a new principle to the Code Administration Code of Practice (CACoP),
    directing Code Administrators to support prospective innovators in the energy market through
    provision of guidance and support;
  • MEC agreed accession applications from five new Supplier parties to the MRA;
  • MEC agreed to proceed with functional changes to ECOES developed by IREG to support a
    solution to MIF238 – Changes to WP152 Requesting Additional or New MPANs, subject to
  • MDB agreeing the associated MAP and DTC CPs, and IREG agreeing an implementation plan
    for the changes to ECOES;
  • MEC agreed to establish a specialist workgroup to address issues arising from the Faster,
    More Reliable Switching Programme that had been brought to IREG for resolution. MEC has
    asked Gemserv to draft terms of reference for the workgroup, to be agreed with IREG, prior to
    commencing the full programme of work;
  • MEC agreed to proceed with a Privacy Impact Assessment to support MIF258 – Near Time
    Improvements to Electricity Meter Technical Details, as recommended by IREG;
  • MEC considered concerns from MDB that some MRA parties were not meeting obligations set
    out in various MAPs. MEC has encouraged MRA parties to utilise the disputes process set out
    in MAP01; and
  • MEC received the MRASCo Annual Report for 2017/18, which will be uploaded to the
    MRASCo Website in due course.