MEC Update: June 2018

MEC last met on 26th June 2018 please see below for the following updates:

  • Received an update from Ofgem regarding the Retail Energy Code (REC) Governance. This included:
    REC v1.0 is currently being consulted on (May – June 2018); and
    The draft of the REC v2.0 is due to be completed by September 2018. October 2018 to March 2019 will see the consequential changes to existing codes to be progressed through the Significant Code Review (SCR).
  • Heard a switching reform update and noted the details regarding the REC v1.0 consultation.
  • Agreed the Consolidate Outcome Report for one new Supplier.
  • Heard a summary of the Erroneous Transfers Working Group Closure Report and agreed for
    this group to be formally closed.
  • Agreed that there had been no change in the licencing arrangements in relation to the
    Ordnance Survey Costs for the Property Reference Number (UPRN) data.
  • Agreed to cancel the proposed GDAA and MRA merger workshop scheduled for Monday 2nd
    July in line with views from the GDAA Panel.