MEC Update November

At the last MRASCo Executive Committee (MEC) meeting on 28th November 2017:

  • MEC received the indicative milestones for the Ofgem Switching Programme for 2018/19 and beyond, and confirmed that it would continue to support the Programme through the provision of resource/expertise;
  • MEC agreed the accession application of four new Suppliers: Albuquerque Energy, Nevada Energy, Oregon Energy and Santana Energy.
  • MEC agreed a new process for managing exceptions to the standard accession process, whereby it would sign off all exceptions on a month-by-month process;
  • MEC noted an update from the Erroneous Transfer Working Group, and challenged some elements of current thinking, including whether mandating compensation payments through MAP10 is within the vires of the MRA;
  • MEC noted Ofgem’s Call for Evidence on the Future Supply Arrangements, and will be responding to reiterate the positive steps being undertaken by MRASCo to reduce barriers for data sharing, including the development of the ECOES API and the Market Intelligence Service (MIS); and
  • MEC received a late paper following the Special IREG held on 22nd November 2017 to consider the Plot to Postal address issue. MEC agreed in principle to proceed with the recommendations of that IREG, but sought more time to consider the paper before making a formal decision.

The next meeting of MEC will be held on 19th December 2017.