MEC Update – September 2018

MEC last met on 25th September 2018, key headlines from the meeting include:

  • MEC received an update from Ofgem on the development of the Retail Energy Code (REC), including the approach to develop the REC in three stages. Ofgem noted that the full REC was likely to be delivered towards summer 2021. REC v1.0 is expected to come into effect in January 2019, preceded by a statutory consultation on licence modifications in October 2018. MEC has agreed that a contingency should be reserved in the MRASCo Budget for 2019/20 to provide continuity of funding for the Ofgem-procured programme coordinator, although this funding will only be required if the plan for the establishment of the RECCo is disrupted.
  • MEC received an update from the ongoing activity to establish a Performance Assurance Board for Erroneous Transfers in MRA and SPAA. MEC has recommended an approach that will see engagement with parties in October 2018, at a session that will agree an approach to realising the establishment of an ETPAB by July 2019, through identification of changes to the relevant codes.
  • MEC agreed a funding request from IREG for a data cleanse of the D0312 (Notification of Meter Information to ECOES) reports from ECOES, identified as beneficial to improvements under MIF261 (D0312 Quick Wins).
  • MEC received an update from the Secure Communications Work Group and agreed funding for legal advice on the GDPR implications of the transfer between industry parties of personal data via email.
  • MEC signed off the first edition of the new MRASCo Newsletter, which was sent out to all registered Contract Managers and Change Administrators on 26th September. They will also be stored on the website as some companies highlighted security issues with clicking on links within emails.

The next MEC meeting will be held on 30th October 2018.