MRA Development Board August 2015 Change Proposals

This month’s MDB on 27th August 2015 will look at the following Change Proposals:

  • MRA CP 0233 – Amending the MRA to reference the MDB Constitution
  • MAP CP 0248 – Amending MAP17 to update the MDB Constitution
  • MAP CP 0239 – Amending MAP14 to mandate the Redirected Report frequency
  • MAP CP 0240 – Amending MAP14 to introduce a new Routing Method report
  • MAP CP 0241 – Introducing a system reconciliation exercise into MAP15
  • MAP CP 0242 – Amending MAP14 to formalise the ‘Break the Link’ Process
  • MAP CP 0243 – Amending ECOES to stop returning MPAN details in the PPMIP response file
  • MAP CP 0246 – Addition of Criteria for Multiple Supplier Issue Resolution to MAP14
  • MAP CP 0252 – Update to Suppliers if metering systems are Whole Current or Current Transformer

Recently agreed Change Proposals can be viewed on the Change Register or Change Tracker, found on the MRASCo website.

If you need help with finding anything please contact the MRA Change Admin team at