MRA Development Board August 2016 Update

MDB was held on 25th August 2016. The table below shows the Change Proposals, voting outcomes and implementation dates.

Summary Implementation Date Outcome
DTC CP 3491A – Conventions for Meter Register Ids on smart meters (alternate)

This CP seeks to standardise use of Meter Register Ids on DCC- serviced smart meters to ensure time of use register readings are correctly recorded. It also specifies standardised conventions for register ids against time pattern regimes

23rd February 2016 Accepted
DTC CP 3494 – Amending the ‘CFD Mutualisation Type’ (J2056) as a result of the changes to mutualisation provisions as in the Electricity Supplier Payments (Amendment) Regulations 2016.

DTC CP 3494 seeks to make amendments to the J2056 Data Item in line with changes to the CFD Supplier Obligation Regulations

23rd February 2016 Accepted
MAP CP 0277 – Amendments to MAP10: Dual initiation of ETs

This CP introduces guidelines for when both Suppliers initiate an Erroneous Transfer (ET) at the same tioime for the same supply period.

3rd November 2016 Accept Modified
MAP CP 0275 – Introduction of Smart Prepayment Change of Supplier Exceptions Process 

MAP CP 0275 seeks to introduce a new MRA Agreed Procedure to set out a number of Supplier obligations in relation to the smart Prepayment Change of Supplier Exceptions Process.

3rd November 2016 Accept Modified
MAP CP 0274 – Amending MAP 17 to allow sharing of IA comments with proposers/sponsors ahead of circulation to MDB

This change seeks to introduce the option for proposers and sponsors of Solution Pre-Assessment Forms (SPFs) and Change Proposals (CPs) to request sight of Impact Assessment responses to provide own comments on those responses ahead of circulation of IA responses to the MRA Development Board

3rd November 2016 Accept Modified