MRA Development Board March 2016 Update

MDB was held on 31st March 2016. The table below shows the Change Proposals, voting outcomes and implementation dates.

Summary Implementation Date Outcome
DTC CP 3481 – Introduction of new Valid Set Codes to J1745 (Change of Account Indicator)
GDAA CP 0076 was raised in August 2015 and if approved, requires a consequential change to the DTC to add an additional reason code of ‘N’ to the J1745 (Change of Account Indicator) Data Item.
30th June 2016 Accepted
MRA CP 0236 – Restricting the number of registration attempts made by a supplier
This CP seeks to limit the amount of registration attempts to gain a customer to four.
3rd November 2016 Deferred
MAP CP 0269 – Updating MAP12 to include Co-operative Objections
MAP CP 0269 seeks to move the Co-operative Objections process into MAP 12 to create a single procedure applicable to both Co-operative and Customer Requested Objections. Consequential changes are further required to align MAP 10 with the proposed amendments.
30th June 2016 Accept Modified
WPPS CP 0125 – Updating WP 142 to remove the Co-operative Objections process
Working Practice Product Set (WPPS) CP 0125 seeks to amend WP 142 to remove the Co-operative Objections process.
30th June 2016 Accepted
MAP CP 0270 – Comparison of Meter Operator and ECOES data
MAP CP 0270 seeks to introduce a new MRA Agreed Procedure (MAP) to mandate a data comparison exercise for Meter Information held on Meter Operator (MOp) systems and the Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service (ECOES).
3rd November 2016 Re-circulated for IA
MAP CP 0273 – Amending the Working Practice 145 reference in MAP15
This change seeks to amend the wording of a footnote in MAP 15, to clarify that Suppliers may access the Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service (ECOES) data where they are not registered for a Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) in order to assist in resolving crossed meters.
3rd November 2016 Accept Modified
WPPS CP 0124 – Introducing a process to resolve crossed meters into WP145
This change seeks to improve the current Working Practice (WP) 145 to resolve crossed meter issues, by introducing steps to assist Suppliers in communicating with other affected parties. The change also seeks to align the WP to the gas arrangements as outlined in Supply Point Administration Agreement (SPAA) Schedule 31 – Procedure for the Resolution of Crossed Meters.
3rd November 2016 Accept Modified
SPF0096 – Amending the D0215 Flow to enable MOps to set up and configure meters to match DNO-provided metering equipment details
The use of an incorrect Current Transformer (CT) or Voltage Transformer (VT) ratio directly impacts on customer billing, settlement accuracy and Distribution Use of System (DUoS) incoming billing. The change is seeking to improve the definition of the D0215 Data Flow to reduce the current level of error/omission related to CT and VT ratios
3rd November 2016 To be discussed at IREG in May