MRA Development Board (MDB) October 2015

The MRA Development Board (MDB) met on 29th October 2015 and considered six changes.  The table below provides an overview of all the CPs subject to MDB decision, the implementation dates and the voting outcomes.

Change Proposal Summary Implementation Date Outcome
MAP CP 0251 – MAP15 SEG Recommended Changes MAP CP 0251 seeks to amend the drafting of MAP15, in order to provide clarity to parties regarding their rights and obligations, as well as providing a robust baseline against which further security related changes can be developed. 25/02/2016 Accept Modified
MAP CP 0256 – Clarification of process for ETs involving more than 2 suppliers MAP CP 0256 seeks to add text to MAP10 to allow clarifications around complex Erroneous Transfers (ETs). 25/02/2016 Accept Modified
DTC CP 3471 – Introducing a Smart CoS Process Indicator DTC CP 3471 seeks to introduce a new Data Item on the D0155 ‘Notification of Meter Operator or Data Collector Appointment and Terms’ flow 30/06/2016 Accepted
DTC CP 3474 – Addition of Annex C notes for D0170 flow DTC CP 3474 seeks to add completion rules for Data Flow D0170 ‘Request for Metering System Related Details’ to Annex C to replace the current flow notes under D0170 30/06/2016 Accepted
SPF 0089 – MAP08 changes following approval of BSC Modification Proposal P302 SPF 0089 seeks to align MAP08 to support the new smart Change of Supplier process proposed under BSC Modification Proposal P302 ‘Improve the Change of Supplier Meter read and Settlement process for smart Meters’. 30/06/2016 Progressed to IREG
SPF 0090 – Alternate Solution To Remove XREF From Prepayment Allocation Process Following the deferral of MAP CP 0243, MAP CP 0242  and MAP CP 0240, which aimed to improve the accuracy of prepayment transaction allocation, an alternative solution to the changes had been identified. 25/02/2016 Progressed to IREG