MRA Development Board September 2015 Update

The MRA Development Board (MDB) met on 24th September 2015 and considered eleven CPs.  The table below provides an overview of all the CPs subject to MDB decision, the implementation dates and the voting outcomes.

Change Proposal Summary Implementation Date Outcome
MAP CP 0257 – Amend MAP18 GDCC Exception Handling Wording Introduced by MAP CP 0226 MAP CP 0257 sought to remove a MAP change previously agreed at the April 2015 MDB meeting in order to ensure that GDCC system processes are aligned with the requirements of the MAP, following the recent announcement from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) regarding Green Deal funding. 05/11/2015 Accepted
MAP CP 0249 – MAP18 SEG Recommended Changes MAP CP 0249 sought to amend the drafting of MAP18 to provide clarity to parties regarding their rights and obligations, as well as providing a robust baseline against which further security related changes can be developed. 05/11/2015 Accepted
MAP CP 0253 – MAP18 Drafting Clarifications As a result of the review of MAP18 conducted by SEG, a number of housekeeping changes for MAP18 were identified. 05/11/2015 Accept Modified
MRA CP 0234 – Amending the MRA to reference the MDB Constitution for Suppliers Prior to this change, the MDB Constitution was a stand-alone document, embedded within the Terms of Reference. This change means the existence of MDB will be introduced within the MRA. 05/11/2015 Deferred
MRA CP 0233 – Amending MRA to reference the MDB Constitution v1.1 MRA CP 0233 encompasses the definitions of the MRA Executive Committee (MEC), MDB and Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs) within the MRA. 05/11/2015 Accepted
MAP CP 0258 – Amending MAP17 to update the MDB Constitution for Distribution Businesses MAP CP 0258 is designed to reference the MDB Constitution in MAP17 so it will fall under MRA change process governance. 05/11/2015 Accept Modified
MAP CP 0248 – Amending MAP17 to update the MDB Constitution to reference Smaller Suppliers MAP CP 0248 sought to introduce an amended version of the MDB Constitution into MAP17 to update the Smaller Supplier membership arrangements. 05/11/2015 Accept Modified
DTC CP 3471 – Introducing a Smart CoS Process Indicator DTC CP 3471 sought to add a new Data Item on the D0155 ‘Notification of Meter Operator or Data Collector Appointment and Terms’ Flow to allow Suppliers to request that their Non Half Hourly Data Collector (NHHDC) and Non Half Hourly (HH) Meter Operator (MOp) follow the smart Change of Supplier process. 30/06/2016 Deferred
DTC CP 3472 – Amending the LLFC ID to an alphanumeric format BSC CP1434 will amend the format of the Line Loss Factor Class (LLFC) Identifier (ID) to a three-character alphanumeric format. DTC CP 3472 notes the consequential changes required to the DTC to deliver this. 30/06/2016 Accepted
MAP CP 0250 – Amendments to MAP14, in regards to Cost of Transactions MAP CP 0250 proposes to remove the Cost of Transactions drafting from MAP14 to prevent contractual agreements from being included within formal governance. 05/11/2015 Accept Modified
MAP CP 0251 – MAP15 SEG Recommended Changes MAP CP 0251 sought to amend the drafting of MAP15 in line with initial recommendations from SEG 05/11/2015 Deferred