MRA Executive Committee September 2016 Update

The MRA Executive Committee (MEC) was held on, 27th September 2016. The main updates from the meeting are as follows:

  • Faster switching and smarter markets projects continue at pace. The faster switching delivery strategy design team has been refining the testing and post-implementation strategy for the delivery of new switching arrangements.
  • The External Design Authority Group has recently baselined its policy position on erroneous transfers. MEC and the SPAA Executive Committee is in the process of establishing a new cross-code working group to transpose the policy into code.
  • MEC agreed the accession of thirteen Suppliers and one Distribution Business.
  • MEC was provided an update on the Third Party Access Project. MEC is writing to the CMA requesting an extension to the requirement to provide full access by February 2017. APIs have been chosen as the solution to providing third party access. MEC is negotiating with Xoserve for the provision of gas data as part of a dual fuel solution.
  • MEC agreed a revised plan for the unallocated key distribution process. A step was added for auditors to verify the allocation process before the issuing of money starts. The process is still expected to be completed by 16th December.
  • The MRA-GDAA merger continues to progress, lawyers have been engaged to begin the process of ascertaining whether a merger is feasible within law.

The October MEC and Board will commence on 18th October 2016