MRA Executive Committee (MEC) August Update

During the last MEC meeting on 29th August 2017 the following was discussed:

  • MEC was proposing a webinar/seminar to educate parties on the proposals for the new switching arrangements being developed under the Faster Switching Programme. A date is to be agreed, but likely to held in October 2017;
  • MEC agreed the accession application of one new Supplier: Shell Energy Europe;
  • MEC received an update from the Erroneous Transfers Working Group (ETWG), specifically with respect to new proposals for Erroneous Transfers reporting and performance assurance. MEC is seeking assurance and justification that the proposed solutions achieve the agreed deliverables of the ETWG. A representative from ETWG would be attending MEC in September 2017;
  • MEC provided comments and agreed in principle a proposed Terms of Reference for the joint Code Administrator meetings;
  • MEC noted an update on the implementation of the CMA Code Governance remedies, noting the publication of next steps from Ofgem on 26th July 2017; Ofgem noted a workshop on the Strategic Direction and Consultative Board elements of the remedies would be held during Q4 2017; and
  • Ofgem had contacted MEC seeking a meeting to discuss a coordinated effort to resolve outdated plot addresses within industry address systems that have valid postal addresses. Ofgem would be invited to join the September 2017 meeting of MEC.