MRA Executive Committee (MEC) July 2016 Update

The MRA Executive Committee (MEC) was held on, 26th July 2016. The main updates from the meeting are as follows:

  • MEC were provided with an update on Ofgem’s Faster Switching programme and noted the next steps of the programme, including the publication of a business case and consultation before Ofgem move into the business level specification stage.
  • MEC were provided with an update on the Faster Switching Programme and Central Registration Service (CRS). The group were advised work had been arranged on further developing the process maps and the continuing development of the delivery strategy and regulatory design. Discussions were also held on the options for the governance of new switching arrangements.
  • MEC were presented with an update on the Smarter Metering Implementation Programme (SMIP) and noted the updates from the Smart Energy Code and SMIP transition Work Groups.
  • MEC were provided with an update from the Business Process Models Review Group. (BPMRG). The project is now at closure stage with all End to End (E2E) and Golden Thread diagrams updated and approved by BPMRG with a move to increasing user friendliness going forward.
  • An update was provided on the Green Deal Arrangement Agreement (GDAA) consultation with the majority of the feedback on consolidation being positive. A session for further discussion is scheduled for 26th July 2016.
  • MEC noted that the ECOES Third Party Access Review Working Group met on the 13th June 2016 and reviewed the updated TPAG work plan. The development of ECOES was a key talking point and this will be developed over the coming months. MEC were provided with an outline of the update releases for ECOES and their delivery schedule.
  • Information was provided on work in progress and Change proposals (CPs) considered at the MRA development Board (MDB). MDB is scheduled for 28th July 2016.