MRA Executive Committee (MEC) June 2016 Update

The MRA Executive Committee (MEC) was held on Thursday, 30th June 2016. The main updates from the meeting are as follows:

  • MEC noted that an update on Ofgem’s Code Governance Review; and that a Code Administrators Workshop was held on 3rd June 2016. MEC agreed the outline agenda for the first Code Review Expert Group (CREG), and agreed for the first CREG meeting to be arranged for mid-July.
  • MEC were presented with an update on the Smarter Metering Implementation Programme (SMIP) and noted the updates from the Smart Energy Code and SMIP transition Work Groups.
  • MEC noted the next Business Process Models Review Group (BPMRG) will be held on the 13th of July 2016, to agree steps to be taken for the End to Ende (E2E) diagrams and Golden Threads.
  • MEC noted that the ECOES Third Party Access Review Working Group last met on the 13th June 2016 and reviewed the updated TPAG work plan. The Next TPAG will be on the 27th July 2016.
  • Pending the confirmation of the MEC accepted the Accession applications of; Bor Energy Limited, Galena Energy Limited, Newport Energy Limited, Azacca Energy Limited, Bullion Energy Limited Opal Energy Limited and Golding Energy Limited.

The next MEC meeting will be held on Tuesday, 26th July 2016.

If you have any further questions please contact the MRA team by emailing