MRA Executive Committee (MEC) May 2016 Update

The MRA Executive Committee was held on Tuesday, 23rd May 2016. The main updates from the meeting are as follows:

  • MEC were given a presentation by Ofgem on ‘Code Governance Review – Phase 3.’
  • MEC noted that BPMRG met on the 11th May 2016, all of the 81 diagrams were signed off and complete. MEC agreed for some final work to be completed to remedy 120 pieces of feedback that relate to the diagrammatical connections.
  • MEC noted that the ECOES Third Party Access Review Working Group last met on the 21st April 2016.
  • MEC noted that the SPIG Change Proposal which introduces a new MRA Agreed Procedure is out for Impact Assessment until the 15th June, and this Change Proposal would be voted on by MDB on the 30th June 2016.
  • MEC agreed upon the proposed costs of the MRASCo Website Improvements Project.
  • MEC noted that new Green Deal plans were being progressed in the GDCC.
  • MEC noted that the number of parties passing through MRA Entry Assessment (EA) had risen exponentially in recent years, with an average of 8 parties per month during the 2015-16 financial year. MEC noted that there are already 18 parties progressing through EA so far this financial year.

The next MEC meeting will be held on Tuesday, 28th June 2016.

If you have any further questions please contact the MRA team by emailing