MRA Executive Committee (MEC) Update April

During the last MEC meeting on 25th April 2017 the following have been highlighted:

  • At the request of MEC, Gemserv is developing a proposal around interlinked and grouped CPs to be brought to the next MEC meeting.
  • MEC heard that the dates of the next two ‘Introduction to MRA Seminars’ have been fixed for 16th June 2017 and 27th October 2017. Invitations to industry will follow in due course.
  • MEC agreed that the MRASCo Change Tracker should be updated to ensure that all CPs raised following 1st April 2013 are included, with any existing gaps addressed. CPs raised before that date will available upon request from the Code Administrator.
  • Ofgem confirmed that it would be presenting feedback from the cross-code survey at the next MEC meeting, alongside surveyors Future Thinking.
  • MEC approved the accession application for one Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO): Fulcrum Electricity Assets Limited.
  • MEC approved a period of integration testing by CAS and the GDCC Technical Service Provider (TSP) following a change in the TSP of the Green Deal Register from Landmark to Northgate Public Services.
  • MEC noted that a few Suppliers had still not provided Bill Payer Details under the MAP2519 process and agreed to send a letter requesting an action plan or resolution before 16th May 2017.
  • MEC approved the commencement of a review of the MRASCo website, incorporating the Change Tracker and Industry Contacts Database. Gemserv will be providing a project plan at the next meeting.
  • The next MEC meeting is scheduled to be held on 23rd May 2017.