MRA Executive Committee (MEC) Update July 2017

During the last MEC meeting on on 25th July 2017:
• It was confirmed that, following the annual nomination process, all existing MEC
representatives had been elected for a further term on MEC, without the need for an election.
• It was noted that Tracey Pitcher (Western Power Distribution) had been appointed as the
alternate Distributor representative on MEC.
• MEC noted the launch of the Mandatory Half Hourly Settlement Significant Code Review, and
would invite ELEXON to the next MEC meeting to discuss, as MEC considers whether there
should be MRASCo involvement in the development of the Target Operating Model.
• It was agreed that MRASCo would provide further resource to the Faster Switching
Programme through an Industry Data Quality workstream that has been set up to address
Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) remedies.
• MEC agreed the MRA accession applications of eight Supplier organisations.
• MEC agreed an extension to the number of meetings required to conclude the work being
carried out by the Erroneous Transfers Working Group (ETWG). MEC will invite a
representative from ETWG to attend the next meeting to present proposals on a prospective
Erroneous Transfer reporting solution.
One party voiced concerns that ElectraLink would be conversed with regarding this matter
ahead of ETWG. The Chair confirmed that MEC would be inviting an ETWG representative to
attend its next meeting to discuss this before any formal decisions were made.
• MEC agreed that MRASCo will contribute towards the Ofgem Forward Work Plan and Horizon
Scanning documentation, in line with other industry Code Administrators.
• MEC considered a request from IREG to communicate to parties with respect to the timely
configuration of DTN gateways during DTC release windows. MEC agreed to review the
wording sent with the DTC pre-release; however, it noted that maintenance of DTN gateways
is an issue more pertinent to the Data Transfer Services Agreement (DTSA).
The next MEC meeting is scheduled to be held on 29th August 2017.