MRA Executive Committee (MEC) Update June 2017

During the last MEC meeting on 27th June 2017 the following have been highlighted:

  • Ofgem presented MEC with its findings from its recent consultation on the initial proposals on the latest code governance remedies. The slides were circulated alongside the MEC post-meeting documents.
  • MEC agreed the accession of four new Suppliers.
  • MEC received an update from the Erroneous Transfers Working Group (ETWG), including confirmation that its consultation had closed. Ofgem had recently published a letter reiterating its support for proactive work to reduce the impact of Erroneous Transfers. MEC asked for an update on the expected duration of the activities of the group.
  • MEC agreed to provide the MRA introductory seminars to requesting individual organisations on a time and materials basis; this follows a request from one MRA party for the seminar to be hosted at its site. It was agreed that details around the costs of the seminars would be shared once these had been confirmed.
  • MEC received communication from the Issue Resolution Expert Group (IREG) regarding sharing legal counsel to aid the development of MIF225  and MRASCo Intellectual Property drafting. MEC agreed to seek a quote for legal advice from its panel of lawyers.
  • MEC provided some feedback ahead of the latest review of the Code Administration Code of Practice (CACOP). If there are significant changes to the CACOP proposed during the review, the expectation is that code users will be consulted on the changes.
  • MEC noted its continued concerns with respect to the Code Administrator Forward Work Plan, including with respect to the level of detail; ownership; liabilities; and effort to maintain. Specifically with respect to the Horizon Scanning element of the plan, MEC identified several areas that may be missing. MDB was informed that this feedback would be taken to the next Code Administrator meeting on 18th July.

The next MEC meeting is scheduled to be held on 25th July 2017.