MRA Executive Committee (MEC) Update May

During the last MEC meeting on 23rd May 2017 the following have been highlighted:

  • Ofgem presented its findings from the recent survey of Code Administrators. Ofgem noted that respondents were generally very satisfied with the performance of industry Code Administrators, and that MRASCo recorded good results across the piece. Some qualitative comments were provided within the MRASCo survey report allowing some initial discussions on plans to address feedback; however, Ofgem is yet to provide the full dataset, which is preventing the agreement of a firm action plan. Ofgem has not yet decided whether the survey will be carried out again next year.
  • MEC agreed to commence the unallocated key transactions process. The value of transactions to be allocated is around £1.9 million. Parties will be informed of the full process schedule before the end of the month, with all monies to be allocated by October 2017.
  • MEC had been asked by Code Administrators to provide feedback against the cross-code forward work plan, and consider whether it wanted to contribute information to the plan in its current form. MEC has concerns about the complexity of the plan, and liabilities associated with provision of information; the scope of modifications captured; and the duplication of work required. Feedback from Code Administrators is to be considered at the next cross-code Code Administrator meeting on 30th May 2017.
  • MEC agreed in principle to an approach whereby related CPs will be grouped with an ‘umbrella’ reference to aid parties in identifying, monitoring and undertaking impact assessments for interrelated changes. Impacts of this proposal on the change process will be presented for consideration at MDB in June 2017.
  • MEC was provided with an update from the Erroneous Transfers Working Group (ETWG). MDB was reminded that the consultation on the ETWG proposals closes on 26th May 2017.
  • In its MDB update, MEC noted the element of uncertainty with respect to assessing materiality during the previous MDB meeting. MEC was minded to consider that the materiality of a CP should be agreed via a majority decision. Gemserv is reviewing the Terms of Reference, MRA and MAP178 to consider how to best ensure clarity of this principle.
  • MEC agreed the principles of a review of the MRASCo Website, encompassing the Change Tracker and Industry Contacts Database. Contract Managers, MDB and IREG representatives will shortly be asked to respond to a survey gathering website user feedback and detailed requirements. The new website is due to be implemented before the end of the Financial Year. The Chair confirmed that the feedback from Ofgem’s Code Administrator survey would be incorporated into the website review project.

The next MEC meeting is scheduled to be held on 27th June 2017.