MRA Executive Committee October 2016 Update

The MRA Executive Committee (MEC) was held on, 18th October 2016. The main updates from the meeting are as follows:

  • MEC and the SPAA EC have jointly established a cross-code working group to review the Erroneous Transfer process in light of developments in the Faster Switching programme. The first meeting of the group was held on 24th October, where the Terms of Reference were approved. The next meeting will be held on 15th
  • MEC was provided with a demonstration of how the Faster Switching Programme is utilising the Casewise Business Process Modelling tool, to provide a realistic view of the future Change of Supplier process.
  • An update was provided from the Faster Switching Programme: the Design Groups are proposing to recruit a full time lawyer, to be seconded for the remainder of the programme, and may seek funding from MRA and SPAA.
  • MEC approved the accession of three new Supplier parties – Saphir Energy, Satus Energy, Spalt Energy.
  • MEC considered an application for access to ECOES from the Green Deal Finance Company. MEC are seeking additional information to support the application, which if approved would require technical changes to ECOES. GDFC are to be asked to complete their own Privacy Impact Assessment before access is to be granted.
  • MEC received and approved the materiality guidance for changes produced by CREG, and agreed to adopt the CACOP Joint Working best practice. MEC noted there was some legal dispute with respect to Significant Code Review change legal drafting, and recommended that the Ofgem approach should be adopted to avoid further legal costs being incurred.
  • MEC received the initial report was received from the auditors of the prepayment allocation process, with expectations met across the board, and the process still on track for completion in December.