MRASCo Security Committee New Member Request

Dear MRA parties,

We are looking for information security and industry IT experts to support the MRASCo Security Committee (MSC) to review the information security arrangements of the MRASCo systems which contain personal data.

MSC is tasked, under the instruction of the MRASCo Board, with reviewing, managing and maintaining the security of the personal data contained within the systems owned by MRASCo. The objectives of the group are as follows;

  • Updating the MRASCo Board with the implications of changes to security and data protection regulations and policies that may have implications on the MRA or the data held within MRASCo systems.
  • Agreeing process, technical and governance changes that have been identified in order to strengthen the security of the MRASCo systems containing personal data.
  • Monitoring that information security and data protection obligations are met.
  • Reviewing the security, retention and destruction policies.
  • Investigating and managing security breaches of MRASCo systems.
  • Reviewing the outcome reports and summary of findings from the MRA system user audits, where applicable.
  • Ensuring that the existing processes in relation to the information security measures and data protection aspects included within the MRA are sufficient to protect the personal data held in MRASCo’s systems. This would support the recommendation from the Information Security Risk Assessment Report to introduce an assurance function to ensure compliance with the information security measures and data protection aspects included within the MRA and its subsidiary documents.

Please email if you or another representative wishes to participate in the Security Committee.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.