Prepayment Allocation Process Expert Group (PAPEG) May 2015 Update

PAPEG has been developing solutions for the redistribution of
unallocated prepayment transactions and solutions to enhance
the current allocation process, outlined in MAP14. PAPEG last met
on the 18th May 2015 to discuss the following:
XREF Database
PAPEG concluded the discussions regarding the XREF database,
agreeing that the ECOES functionality should be amended to stop
returning MPAN details derived from XREF in the Prepayment
Metering Infrastructure Providers response file. To do so, a Change
Proposal has been drafted and is currently being reviewed by
Ahead of removing XREF from the allocation process, PAPEG
agreed four ways to reduce the reliance on the database to help
parties minimise the impact of routing transactions using ECOES
1. A system reconciliation, to compare the data held in ECOES
to that in Meter Operator systems, for which a Change
Proposal has been drafted and is being reviewed by PAPEG.
2. Mandating the frequency of the Redirected Reports, for
which a Change Proposal has been drafted and is being
reviewed by PAPEG.
3. Introducing a new report, the Routing Method Report, to
inform the recipient of transactions that have been allocated
based on the MPAN derived from XREF.
4. Formalising a process to enable Prepayment Meter
Infrastructure Providers to ensure that future transactions are
not routed via XREF subject to a request being received by
the respective Supplier. This process will be introduced into
Transaction Routing Flag
PAPEG reviewed the Transaction Routing Flag (TRF) in ECOES,
in order to determine whether the flag’s functionality could be
improved. The Group agreed that minimum criteria should be
introduced into MAP14 to aid the resolution of multiple Supplier
issues, which resulted in a Change Proposal being drafted.
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