Special IREG Update April 2018

IREG met on 18th April 2018 and discussed MIF248 – Delays with Plot Addresses being updated.

The group reviewed the output of the draft extracts and reports, that shows instances of addresses that exist in Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service (ECOES) containing ‘plot’, ‘PL’ and ‘PC’,. The report provides detailed information per Supplier and per Distribution Business. IREG agreed that the initial focus should be on instances of ‘plot’ only, as ‘PL’ and ‘PC’ exist in small volumes and will be more complex to cleanse. Some duplicate records had also been identified in the initial set of records and IREG were notified that these had been caused by multiple Meter Serial Numbers (MSN) existing on a Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN). IREG agreed that the report should be re-run to exclude the duplicates and to identify ‘plot’ instances only.

The totals from the re-run report will be utilised to send the base-line figures to Ofgem. Quarterly progress reporting will then be provided.

The draft process steps to be included in MRA Agreed Procedure (MAP) 09 (Standard Address Format and Guidance Notes for Address Maintenance) were reviewed. IREG recommended various changes and agreed that the updated drafting would be reviewed at the IREG meeting in May. A further addition to MAP09 was identified, to define how plot addresses should be held in the Metering Point Address fields. This will standardise how plot addresses are applied across parties and allow future identification of the instances to be easier.

A proposal for data cleanse comparison, from the Technical Service Provider, was considered but IREG confirmed that it was not required at this time.