Special IREG Update January 2018

IREG met on 31st January 2018 and discussed the following:

MIF248 – Plot Addresses

Xoserve presented an overview of the data cleanse exercise being undertaken in the Gas market, to update Plot Address data held in UK Link. The group discussed similarities and processes that could be useful for a similar exercise on the Electricity data.

The requirements and source of reporting were agreed, including content and frequency for Ofgem. It was requested that a solution proposal be obtained from the service provider. Once received, a request will be sent to the MRA Executive Committee (MEC) for funding approval.

The draft Request For Information (RFI) questions were reviewed. It was agreed that following the updates discussed during the meeting, the RFI would be issued to stakeholders.

Members agreed that a proposal for MRA Agreed Procedure (MAP) steps to standardise the data cleanse and define time scales would be developed before being circulated to all parties for comment, via Huddle.

Next meeting

IREG will next meet on 14th February 2018.