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MRA Code Governance Review May 2015 Update

28th May 2015 Code Review Expert Group
The Code Review Expert Group (CREG) last met on 28th May 2015 and discussed the following: Stage 2 Post Implementation...
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MRA Website May 2015 Update

24th May 2015 MRASCo Website
The MRASCo website was last updated in August 2013. Following feedback from the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS), as well as responses from...
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Prepayment Allocation Process Expert Group (PAPEG) May 2015 Update

PAPEG has been developing solutions for the redistribution of unallocated prepayment transactions and solutions to enhance the current allocation process,...
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Green Deal Expert Group (GDEG) May 2015 Update

14th May 2015 Green Deal Expert Group
GDEG met on 14th May 2015 and agreed a solution to change to the functionality of the GDCC, in order...
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Cross Code Engagement Group (CCEG) May 2015 Update

CCEG was formed as a result of the newest Principle of the Code Administration Code of Practice (CACoP) being introduced,...
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Issue Resolution Group (IREG) May 2015 Update

IREG met on 13th May 2015 and discussed the following: Populating the ASC in ECOES MIF158 was raised in July...
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Assurance May 2015 Update

11th May 2015 Assurance
The Market Assurance team continues to provide a wide range of services. In May we; Monitored weekly Controlled Market Entry...
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Security Expert Group (SEG) May 2015 Update

5th May 2015 Security Expert Group
The Security Expert Group has been tasked with reviewing and developing potential system and process enhancements to ensure security of...
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