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MRA Consequential Changes

Consequential Changes to the MRA for the Switching Programme (Version 3)

Ofgem’s Switching Programme is in the process of delivering a number of reforms to the switching arrangements, to make switching faster and more reliable for consumers. The reforms include the introduction of a new Central Switching Service (CSS) and a dual fuel Retail Energy Code (REC) to govern the new arrangements.

The new arrangements require consequential changes to be made to the MRA and its Products. The Faster Switching Expert Group (FSEG) have prepared and compiled these changes, which can be found in the links below.

These changes highlight the changes to non-switching related processes which parties will need to consider during the Design, Build and Test phase of the Switching Programme.  The reforms to the Switching Arrangements will impact a number of operational procedures used and it’s important all interested parties are aware of all changes required when initiating and delivering their internal project(s).: