The MRA Executive Committee – or MEC – is responsible for key functions under the MRA, including:

  • Considering applications of new MRA parties;
  • Development of budgets;
  • Granting derogations; and
  • Considerations of defaults and disputes between parties.

One Distribution Business and two Supplier representatives are elected to MEC annually. A further representative is appointed by the BSC agent. Current MEC members are listed below:

  • Samantha Cannons (Supplier representative)
  • Kevin Woollard (Supplier representative)
  • Lorna Mallon (Supplier representative)
  • Martin Hewitt (Distribution Business representative)
  • Nigel Perdue (BSC representative)
  • Rachael Anderson (Supplier representative)
  • Tracey Pitcher (Distribution Business representative)
  • Roger Harris (BSC representative)