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Business Process Modelling Review Group

End-to-End (E2E) diagrams were originally introduced to support the 1998 market opening and to maintain a range of new codes. The diagrams illustrate the inter-operation between Parties and the inter-relationship between different processes. Golden Threads were later introduced to highlight the key, most frequently used individual processes.

These Business Process Models (BPM) have not been updated since 2007 so the Business Process Model Review Group (BPMRG) aims to update the models to include any implemented changes that affect the diagrams until May 2014.


BPM Objectives

The objective of the project is to bring the BPMs up to date with the current MRA industry processes, and to make them more user friendly by conducting a thorough gap analysis. The changes noted in the analysis would include changes to process boxes, start flows, gateways, data flows and description or compliance rules within the diagrams.

Once the changes have all been identified, the required updates will be implemented via the use of a modelling tool.


Meeting Frequency

The BPMRG meet as and when it is required to discuss the progress of the gap analysis.

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