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Code Review Expert Group (CREG)

The MRA governance framework has traditionally received positive feedback and is often used as a best practice model. Nonetheless, Ofgem is advocating changes to bring market consistency with respect to how change is managed and assessed across various codes.   

The Code Review Expert Group (CREG) is a sub-committee of MRA Executive Committee (MEC) established in accordance with clauses 6.53 and 6.54 of the MRA, to review Ofgem’s Code Governance Review (CGR). There have been two Code Reviews since 2013, GR2 and GR3 which finished in late 2016.


CREG Objectives

The objectives of the group are to:

  • Review the CGR impacts on the MRA
  • Identify the MRA Code Modifications
  • Develop draft proposals for the MRA changes
  • Prepare recommendations to MEC
  • Provide supporting evidence and analysis to explain how the proposals will facilitate the requirements and objectives of the MRA
  • Consider what (if any) independent advice should be sought to validate or approve any recommendations.
  • To report to MEC on the above

CREG Meeting Frequency

Meetings convene when required (at least once a month), as directed by MEC. 

CREG Membership

With effect from 1st July 2013, the following organisations may nominate a representative and an alternate for membership of the CREG.

  1. MRA Parties
  2. Ofgem
  3. The BSC Agent

These nominated individuals shall be responsible for liaison between CREG and the member MRA party or other organisation that they represent.


Documents can be downloaded using the links below:

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