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MRA Development Board (MDB)

The MDB is a sub-committee of MRA Executive Committee (MEC) established in accordance with clauses 6.53 and 6.54 of the MRA.

MDB Objectives

The objective of the MDB is to manage on MEC’s behalf, and in accordance with the MRA, both technical and commercial changes to the MRA and associated documents.

Meeting Frequency

Meetings are normally held on the last Thursday of each month, with additional meetings being held depending on the number and urgency of any outstanding Change Proposals (as determined by MEC).

MDB Membership

  • 7 Supplier representatives
  • 4 Distribution representatives (from various constituents)
  • 1 BSC Agent (Elexon Ltd.)

Party representation is open and impartial; all Parties have the opportunity to express views and make a declaration of interest.

Quorum and Decision Making

All decisions of the MDB shall be by resolution. No MDB resolution shall be made unless the MDB is quorate.


Any resolution by MDB is treated as a MEC decision for the purposes of  Clauses 6.45, 6.46, 6.47 and 6.48 of the MRA.


Documents can be downloaded using the links below:

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