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MRA Executive Committee (MEC)

The MRA Executive Committee (MEC) is empowered under the MRA to undertake several key functions outlined in Clause 6.2 of the MRA.

MEC Objectives

MEC key functions include:

  • Consideration of applications for potential new MRA parties; 
  • Development of budgets
  • Granting derogations; and 
  • Consideration of defaulting parties and disputes between parties.

MEC delegates responsibility for change management and issue resolution (set out in clauses 9 and 10 of the MRA) to the MRA Development Board (MDB).

Meeting Frequency

Meetings are normally held on the last Tuesday of each month, with additional meetings held when urgent matters arise.

 MEC Membership:

  • One MEC Member appointed by Distribution Businesses (the Distribution Business Member)
  • Two MEC Members appointed by Suppliers (the Supplier Members)
  • One MEC Member appointed by the BSC Agent (the BSC Member)

MEC Members are appointed from the 1st September each year and are elected by Parties.

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