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Prepayment Allocation Process Expert Group (PAPEG)

PAPEG is sub-committee of MEC specifically focused on the Prepayment processes within the electricity industry. 

PAPEG Objectives

The objectives of the group are to:

  • Review the prepayment allocation process and review its weaknesses;
  • Identify any MRA governance improvements as well as improvement to market wide governance; and
  • Develop a methodology for the distribution of money deemed not to be allocatable.

PAPEG Meeting Frequency

Meetings convene when required (at least once a month). 

PAPEG Membership

Nominated representatives from:

  • Any MRA Supplier party;
  • Any PPMIP party;
  • Ofgem;
  • AMO; and
  • The BSC Agent.


Documents can be downloaded using the links below:

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