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MRA Products

A key role of MRASCo is to manage the Change Management process regarding MRA Products. The Master Registration Agreement (MRA), Data Transfer Catalogue (DTC) and MRA Agreed Procedures are the core Products which outline procedures that parties must comply with under the MRA.

The Working Practices are designed to support these core Products. The MRASCo Model shows key industry processes in a diagrammatic format.

The current versions of these documents can be accessed below:

MRASCo Services Agreement Schedule 1 outlines the MRASCo products.

When changes are made to the MRA, DTC, WPPS or MRASCo Model through the Change Management process, a new version is released on one of three release dates. Release dates for MRA Products fall on:

  • The last Thursday in February;
  • The last Thursday in June; and
  • The first Thursday in November.