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MRA Agreed Procedures

MRA Agreed Procedures (MAPs) provide mandatory procedural details on specific MRA Clauses.

The current versions of all active MAPs can be accessed below.

MAP01 v4.4 -The MRA Disputes Process


MAP04 v6.6 - Procedure for Error Resolution and Retrospective Manual Amendments


MAP05 v6.7- Procedure for Entry Assessment and Requalification


MAP08 v3.2 - The Procedure for Agreement of Change of Supplier Readings and Resolution of Disputed Change of Supplier Readings


MAP09 v1.7 - Standard Address Format and Guidance Notes for Address Maintenance


MAP10 v3.7 - The Procedure for Resolution of Erroneous Transfers


MAP11 v2.2 -The MRA Agreed Procedure for implementing a Bulk Change of NHH Agent in MPAS


MAP12 v2.3 - The MRA Agreed Procedure for Customer Requested and Co-operative Objections


MAP13 v2.0 - Procedure for the-Assignment of Debt in Relation to Prepayment Meters


MAP14 v3.8.1 Procedure for the Allocation of Key Meter Payments Transacted Against an Incorrect Supplier Key


MAP15 v5.3 - ECOES


MAP16 v1.1 - MRA Event of Default and Material Breach Procedure


MAP17 v2.4 - Issues Resolution and Change Management


MAP18 v3.8 - The MRA Agreed Procedure for The Green Deal Central Charge (GDCC) Database


MAP20 v1.5 - The MRA Agreed Procedure for The Recovery and Distribution of GDAA Quarterly Payments


MAP21 v1.6 - The MRA Agreed Procedure for Disconnections


MAP24 v1.3 - Smart Prepayment Change of Supplier Exceptions Process


MAP25 - The MRA Agreed Procedure for the initial population of Bill Payer Details in the GDCC


MAP26 v1.1- The MRA Agreed Procedure for Comparison of Meter Operator and ECOES Data


MAP27 v2.0 - The Procedure for Requesting Additional Import Export MPANs Using ECOES


MAP29 v2.0 - The-MRA Agreed Procedure for Managing NHH Related Metering Points


MAP30 v1.0 - The MRA Agreed Procedure for Erroneous Transfer Performance Assurance


These MAPs are no longer in use:

MAP19 - Update of Meter Types across Market Participants


MAP22 - Update of Customer Information across Market Participants


MAP23 - Identifying whether a metering system is Whole Current or Current Transformer


MAP28 - The MRA Agreed Procedure for Raising Export MPANs


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