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MRASCo Model

The MRASCo Model is a diagrammatical representation of the GB Electricity Retail Market Design End to End processes.

Updates to the MRASCo Model are made through change proposal decisions made by the MRA Development Board.

You can access the MRASCo Model here.

Where change proposals have been approved by MRA Development Board, they are collated and placed into the MRA Release Cycle.

MRASCo Model Release Timetable

The below information outlines the expected release dates of the MRASCo Model for 2018/19:

Release 5.0: 28th June 2018

Release 6.0: 1st November 2018

Release 7.0: 28th February 2019


Please find the MRASCo Model Guidance Document v1.0 which outlines how to navigate the model.

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