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MRA Executive Committee (MEC) April Update

The last MEC meeting was held on 24th April 2018, please find a summary of the updates from the meeting below:

  • MEC received an update from the Ofgem Innovation Link. MEC agreed to recommend
    implementation of a new principle to the Code Administration Code of Practice (CACoP),
    directing Code Administrators to support prospective innovators in the energy market through
    provision of guidance and support;
  • MEC agreed accession applications from five new Supplier parties to the MRA;
  • MEC agreed to proceed with functional changes to ECOES developed by IREG to support a
    solution to MIF238 – Changes to WP152 Requesting Additional or New MPANs, subject to
  • MDB agreeing the associated MAP and DTC CPs, and IREG agreeing an implementation plan
    for the changes to ECOES;
  • MEC agreed to establish a specialist workgroup to address issues arising from the Faster,
    More Reliable Switching Programme that had been brought to IREG for resolution. MEC has
    asked Gemserv to draft terms of reference for the workgroup, to be agreed with IREG, prior to
    commencing the full programme of work;
  • MEC agreed to proceed with a Privacy Impact Assessment to support MIF258 – Near Time
    Improvements to Electricity Meter Technical Details, as recommended by IREG;
  • MEC considered concerns from MDB that some MRA parties were not meeting obligations set
    out in various MAPs. MEC has encouraged MRA parties to utilise the disputes process set out
    in MAP01; and
  • MEC received the MRASCo Annual Report for 2017/18, which will be uploaded to the
    MRASCo Website in due course.

MEC Update March 2018

From the MEC meeting held on 27th March 2018 the following headlines have been captured:

  • MEC has confirmed the process for the prepayment allocation run in 2018, which would cover
    an extended backstop period from 1st July 2012 to 30th June 2014. Notification for Prepayment
    Metering Infrastructure Provider (PPMIPs) to distribute funds is due to be sent in August 2018,
    with all transactions distributed before the end of September 2018. It is anticipated that this
    calendar of dates will be maintained in future years.
  • MEC has requested that Gemserv explores the establishment of formal change processes
    under MAP17 for MRA system changes – i.e. changes to ECOES and GDCC that are not
    currently governed within the existing change process.
  • MEC has agreed changes to the IREG and MRASCo Security Committee (MSC) terms of
    reference; the changes aim to improve communication and consultation between security and
    operational groups.
  • MEC accepted two applications to ECOES from Price Comparison Websites, and two
    applications for ECOES extracts from Meter Asset Providers.
  • MEC approved one application for access to the MRA from Flexitricity Ltd.
  • MEC received a presentation from ELEXON regarding progress made in the Half Hourly
    Settlement workstream. Slides would be made available via Huddle with MEC post-meeting

MEC Update November

At the last MRASCo Executive Committee (MEC) meeting on 28th November 2017:

  • MEC received the indicative milestones for the Ofgem Switching Programme for 2018/19 and beyond, and confirmed that it would continue to support the Programme through the provision of resource/expertise;
  • MEC agreed the accession application of four new Suppliers: Albuquerque Energy, Nevada Energy, Oregon Energy and Santana Energy.
  • MEC agreed a new process for managing exceptions to the standard accession process, whereby it would sign off all exceptions on a month-by-month process;
  • MEC noted an update from the Erroneous Transfer Working Group, and challenged some elements of current thinking, including whether mandating compensation payments through MAP10 is within the vires of the MRA;
  • MEC noted Ofgem’s Call for Evidence on the Future Supply Arrangements, and will be responding to reiterate the positive steps being undertaken by MRASCo to reduce barriers for data sharing, including the development of the ECOES API and the Market Intelligence Service (MIS); and
  • MEC received a late paper following the Special IREG held on 22nd November 2017 to consider the Plot to Postal address issue. MEC agreed in principle to proceed with the recommendations of that IREG, but sought more time to consider the paper before making a formal decision.

The next meeting of MEC will be held on 19th December 2017.

MRA Executive Committee (MEC) September Update

The following discussions took place at the last MRA Executive Committee (MEC) that was held on 24th September 2017.

Headlines included:

  • MEC would be drafting a response to the recently published Ofgem consultation “Delivering Faster and More Reliable Switching: proposed new switching arrangements”. The closing date for consultation responses was 3rd November 2017;
  • MEC approved proposals for an MRA party engagement day on the switching reforms, included prospective changes to code governance arrangements and impacts on the MRA. The session was likely to be held in late October/November 2017, and invitations would follow;
  • MEC received an update from the Erroneous Transfer Working Group, noting its support for many of the solutions under development. MEC was seeking greater detail from the group with respect to expected meeting deliverables before accepted a requested extension to the duration of the workgroup to February 2018.

The next meeting of MEC will be held on 31st October 2017.

MRA Executive Committee (MEC) August Update

During the last MEC meeting on 29th August 2017 the following was discussed:

  • MEC was proposing a webinar/seminar to educate parties on the proposals for the new switching arrangements being developed under the Faster Switching Programme. A date is to be agreed, but likely to held in October 2017;
  • MEC agreed the accession application of one new Supplier: Shell Energy Europe;
  • MEC received an update from the Erroneous Transfers Working Group (ETWG), specifically with respect to new proposals for Erroneous Transfers reporting and performance assurance. MEC is seeking assurance and justification that the proposed solutions achieve the agreed deliverables of the ETWG. A representative from ETWG would be attending MEC in September 2017;
  • MEC provided comments and agreed in principle a proposed Terms of Reference for the joint Code Administrator meetings;
  • MEC noted an update on the implementation of the CMA Code Governance remedies, noting the publication of next steps from Ofgem on 26th July 2017; Ofgem noted a workshop on the Strategic Direction and Consultative Board elements of the remedies would be held during Q4 2017; and
  • Ofgem had contacted MEC seeking a meeting to discuss a coordinated effort to resolve outdated plot addresses within industry address systems that have valid postal addresses. Ofgem would be invited to join the September 2017 meeting of MEC.

MRA Executive Committee (MEC) Update July 2017

During the last MEC meeting on on 25th July 2017:
• It was confirmed that, following the annual nomination process, all existing MEC
representatives had been elected for a further term on MEC, without the need for an election.
• It was noted that Tracey Pitcher (Western Power Distribution) had been appointed as the
alternate Distributor representative on MEC.
• MEC noted the launch of the Mandatory Half Hourly Settlement Significant Code Review, and
would invite ELEXON to the next MEC meeting to discuss, as MEC considers whether there
should be MRASCo involvement in the development of the Target Operating Model.
• It was agreed that MRASCo would provide further resource to the Faster Switching
Programme through an Industry Data Quality workstream that has been set up to address
Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) remedies.
• MEC agreed the MRA accession applications of eight Supplier organisations.
• MEC agreed an extension to the number of meetings required to conclude the work being
carried out by the Erroneous Transfers Working Group (ETWG). MEC will invite a
representative from ETWG to attend the next meeting to present proposals on a prospective
Erroneous Transfer reporting solution.
One party voiced concerns that ElectraLink would be conversed with regarding this matter
ahead of ETWG. The Chair confirmed that MEC would be inviting an ETWG representative to
attend its next meeting to discuss this before any formal decisions were made.
• MEC agreed that MRASCo will contribute towards the Ofgem Forward Work Plan and Horizon
Scanning documentation, in line with other industry Code Administrators.
• MEC considered a request from IREG to communicate to parties with respect to the timely
configuration of DTN gateways during DTC release windows. MEC agreed to review the
wording sent with the DTC pre-release; however, it noted that maintenance of DTN gateways
is an issue more pertinent to the Data Transfer Services Agreement (DTSA).
The next MEC meeting is scheduled to be held on 29th August 2017.

MRA Executive Committee (MEC) Update June 2017

During the last MEC meeting on 27th June 2017 the following have been highlighted:

  • Ofgem presented MEC with its findings from its recent consultation on the initial proposals on the latest code governance remedies. The slides were circulated alongside the MEC post-meeting documents.
  • MEC agreed the accession of four new Suppliers.
  • MEC received an update from the Erroneous Transfers Working Group (ETWG), including confirmation that its consultation had closed. Ofgem had recently published a letter reiterating its support for proactive work to reduce the impact of Erroneous Transfers. MEC asked for an update on the expected duration of the activities of the group.
  • MEC agreed to provide the MRA introductory seminars to requesting individual organisations on a time and materials basis; this follows a request from one MRA party for the seminar to be hosted at its site. It was agreed that details around the costs of the seminars would be shared once these had been confirmed.
  • MEC received communication from the Issue Resolution Expert Group (IREG) regarding sharing legal counsel to aid the development of MIF225  and MRASCo Intellectual Property drafting. MEC agreed to seek a quote for legal advice from its panel of lawyers.
  • MEC provided some feedback ahead of the latest review of the Code Administration Code of Practice (CACOP). If there are significant changes to the CACOP proposed during the review, the expectation is that code users will be consulted on the changes.
  • MEC noted its continued concerns with respect to the Code Administrator Forward Work Plan, including with respect to the level of detail; ownership; liabilities; and effort to maintain. Specifically with respect to the Horizon Scanning element of the plan, MEC identified several areas that may be missing. MDB was informed that this feedback would be taken to the next Code Administrator meeting on 18th July.

The next MEC meeting is scheduled to be held on 25th July 2017.


MEC Membership Nomination Timetable

Event Date
Deadline for nominations for MEC membership 6th July
Publication of candidate list 20th July
Deadline for receipt of votes (if voting required) 3rd August
Deadline for BSC Member appointment 17th August
Notification of successful candidates published 17th August
Candidates take office 1st September

MRA Executive Committee (MEC) Update May

During the last MEC meeting on 23rd May 2017 the following have been highlighted:

  • Ofgem presented its findings from the recent survey of Code Administrators. Ofgem noted that respondents were generally very satisfied with the performance of industry Code Administrators, and that MRASCo recorded good results across the piece. Some qualitative comments were provided within the MRASCo survey report allowing some initial discussions on plans to address feedback; however, Ofgem is yet to provide the full dataset, which is preventing the agreement of a firm action plan. Ofgem has not yet decided whether the survey will be carried out again next year.
  • MEC agreed to commence the unallocated key transactions process. The value of transactions to be allocated is around £1.9 million. Parties will be informed of the full process schedule before the end of the month, with all monies to be allocated by October 2017.
  • MEC had been asked by Code Administrators to provide feedback against the cross-code forward work plan, and consider whether it wanted to contribute information to the plan in its current form. MEC has concerns about the complexity of the plan, and liabilities associated with provision of information; the scope of modifications captured; and the duplication of work required. Feedback from Code Administrators is to be considered at the next cross-code Code Administrator meeting on 30th May 2017.
  • MEC agreed in principle to an approach whereby related CPs will be grouped with an ‘umbrella’ reference to aid parties in identifying, monitoring and undertaking impact assessments for interrelated changes. Impacts of this proposal on the change process will be presented for consideration at MDB in June 2017.
  • MEC was provided with an update from the Erroneous Transfers Working Group (ETWG). MDB was reminded that the consultation on the ETWG proposals closes on 26th May 2017.
  • In its MDB update, MEC noted the element of uncertainty with respect to assessing materiality during the previous MDB meeting. MEC was minded to consider that the materiality of a CP should be agreed via a majority decision. Gemserv is reviewing the Terms of Reference, MRA and MAP178 to consider how to best ensure clarity of this principle.
  • MEC agreed the principles of a review of the MRASCo Website, encompassing the Change Tracker and Industry Contacts Database. Contract Managers, MDB and IREG representatives will shortly be asked to respond to a survey gathering website user feedback and detailed requirements. The new website is due to be implemented before the end of the Financial Year. The Chair confirmed that the feedback from Ofgem’s Code Administrator survey would be incorporated into the website review project.

The next MEC meeting is scheduled to be held on 27th June 2017.

MRA Executive Committee (MEC) Update April

During the last MEC meeting on 25th April 2017 the following have been highlighted:

  • At the request of MEC, Gemserv is developing a proposal around interlinked and grouped CPs to be brought to the next MEC meeting.
  • MEC heard that the dates of the next two ‘Introduction to MRA Seminars’ have been fixed for 16th June 2017 and 27th October 2017. Invitations to industry will follow in due course.
  • MEC agreed that the MRASCo Change Tracker should be updated to ensure that all CPs raised following 1st April 2013 are included, with any existing gaps addressed. CPs raised before that date will available upon request from the Code Administrator.
  • Ofgem confirmed that it would be presenting feedback from the cross-code survey at the next MEC meeting, alongside surveyors Future Thinking.
  • MEC approved the accession application for one Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO): Fulcrum Electricity Assets Limited.
  • MEC approved a period of integration testing by CAS and the GDCC Technical Service Provider (TSP) following a change in the TSP of the Green Deal Register from Landmark to Northgate Public Services.
  • MEC noted that a few Suppliers had still not provided Bill Payer Details under the MAP2519 process and agreed to send a letter requesting an action plan or resolution before 16th May 2017.
  • MEC approved the commencement of a review of the MRASCo website, incorporating the Change Tracker and Industry Contacts Database. Gemserv will be providing a project plan at the next meeting.
  • The next MEC meeting is scheduled to be held on 23rd May 2017.

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