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Secure Data Exchange Portal (SDEP)

What is the SDEP?

The Secure Data Exchange Portal (SDEP) is a secure mechanism for industry parties to transfer customer personal data between Parties to satisfy their obligations in the MRA and SPAA. The MRA mandates that MRA parties use this when sending operational queries and escalations that contain personal data relating to a consumer and the SPAA requires SPAA Supplier parties to use the SDEP when sending operational queries and escalations for named SPAA Schedules.

Clause 58 of the MRA sets out the requirement to establish, operate and maintain a Secure Data Exchange Portal, the required functionality, the need for Supplier’s and Distribution Businesses to use this, and the cost recovery mechanism.

Clause 58 also requires that MEC agree and issue procedures relating to the establishment, operation and maintenance of the SDEP and access to the SDEP. MAP 32 (The MRA Agreed Procedure for the SDEP) has been developed to facilitate this which can be accessed from MRA Agreed Procedures.

Details of specific requirements to use the SDEP within MRA Agreed Procedures (MAPs) are detailed within each individual MAP. These requirements are included in MAP 04, 08, 09, 10, 12, 13, 14, 21 and 24.

Who Should Use SDEP?

  • Energy Suppliers
  • Distribution Network Operators

Obtaining Access to the SDEP

All Suppliers and Electricity Distributions Businesses will be required to accede to the terms and conditions of the service set out in the SDEP Access Agreement. Parties should:

  • Review the terms and conditions of access set out in the SDEP Access Agreement; and
  • Complete the relevant sections (Parts A-F) of the SDEP Application Form and submit this to
    • Gemserv will validate this and send a completed version of the SDEP Access Agreement which should be signed and returned.
  • Submit a signed copy of the SDEP Access Agreement to

All Suppliers and Electricity Distribution Businesses are required to use the SDEP since 21st August 2020.

SDEP Documentation

SDEP Application Form


SDEP Access Agreement v1.0


Secure Data Exchange Portal URS V1.4


Secure Data Exchange Portal (SDEP) User Guide V1.3